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Bertsolaritza is the art of singing extemporary composed songs in Basque languagge (euskera) according to various melodies and rhyming patterns. This app is a game to play with the ‘bertsos’, of course in euskera.


Ideateca enpresarekin batera garatutako azken aplikazio honek euskal aditza jokatzeko aukera ematen du. Orain arte, Aditzak.com web atarian egin zitekeena, orain edozeinen mugikorretan egiteko aukera daukagu.

Olentzero Abestia

According to Basque traditions Olentzero comes to town late at night on the 24th of December to drop off presents for children. Olentzero usually spends the whole year in the mountain making coal, to give to the children who did not behave properly during the year. You can listen and read the song of Olentzero, written in Euskera. You can even write a letter to him! 



iBuruz app is a memory game app. The aim of the game is to remember the highlighted buttons so you can repeat the sequence depending on the game mode. Similar to the Simon game.

1 Minute Code

1 Minute Code is a game which consist on unlocking 99 codes. Each code has 4 chars and you will have to guess the code within 1 minute. Good luck!



The 300Poems is an app written in (traditional) Chinese. There are over 300 Chinese poems from the Tang Dynasty, but some characters are missing. You will have to complete the poem to make it understandable.